MARCH 10, 2021

"Spain vaccination of staff and inmates"

Spain Vaccination of prison staff has started in all the provinces, unevenly as everywhere. The national strategy defined the priority groups according to the risk of exposure to the virus; In this closed environment, it is assumed that the virus circulates from the outside to the inside, which is why the vaccination of personnel seems to be the best protection against the risk of an epidemic. In Catalonia, all prison staff have been vaccinated. Now will begin the vaccination of prisoners between 18 and 55 years old with the Astra Zeneca vaccine. The Department of Justice announced that 92% of them will be vaccinated.

Visits are again authorized, the return of the collaborating organizations is taking place little by little, the sanitary measures do not however allow a complete resumption of activities. It seems that there are fewer visits than usual. We imagine that the economic and health context singularly complicates the daily life of families.